About Dimension Four Marketing


Dimension Four is an innovative marketing consultancy, located in Sydney Australia but working with companies across Australia and around the world. The company delivers imaginative, integrated marketing solutions that suit the rapidly changing environment incorporating whichever media are suitable for achieving your company's results. The company are experts in the area of direct marketing including developing databases, all aspects of CRM and email marketing. 
Our clients represent a very diverse range of industries – from blue-chip to start-up and in-between. We have worked across most industry sectors including entertainment, retail, insurance, automotive, and social services.
The principal of the company is Robert Klein, a marketer with considerable expertise in the development of successful strategies and solutions. Robert has experience across a wide variety of industry segments with specialist knowledge of the entertainment industry including DVD, music and film as well as the digital and mobile marketplace.

Service and strategy

We offer specialist marketing advice from dependable professionals who are passionate about their work, and who have significant experience in delivering results. We  know that practical experience and comprehensive knowledge are crucial components of strategy and insight. We assess the requirements of the project and utilize the most appropriate and innovative resources to meet the needs of the client.

We devise effective marketing strategies based on a detailed understanding of each client’s needs.


What are the priorities for your company? What are the key customer segments you are targeting? What are the most appropriate strategies for reaching each of them? Which products or services do you sell to each segment, and through which channels? How can you boost your return on marketing investment?

Although we are a small consultancy we have the experience and resources to meet the most complex tasks. Dimension Four offer high quality strategic and creative work to its clients. We are also very professional and great fun to work with. We are very responsive and know how to get things done quickly. Apart from that, we offer great value in all aspects of our services.  If this sounds like the type of company you would like to work with, why not drop us a line to discuss how we are able to help you to reach your marketing goals.

Dimension Four Marketing - the company

Dimension Four’s marketing projects include the following areas:

- Brand and price positioning, value communication

- Customer segmentation

- Customer lifecycle

- Developing new products and services

- Marketing efficiency and effectiveness

- Customer loyalty strategies and programmes

- Digital marketing including websites, email campaigns, mobile and social media