New Website Optimised for both Smartphones and PCS

Smartphone Users

7th June, 2011 – Sydney: Many companies spend large amounts of time and money producing a slick looking website but ignore the experience of the large numbers of users that view the site on a smartphone or other mobile device.By contrast, marketing consultancy Dimension Four has launched a tailored version of their website with the help of MobiDdiction, a company specialising in mobile-optimised solutions including tailored mobile sitesand apps.The site is designed to optimise the user experience on smartphones such as iPhones and android devices.

When users visit Dimension Four’s site ( on their mobile phone’s browser, the experience is quite different to when they look at it on a desktop computer. The mobile site is simplified, making it more suitable for use on a touch screen. The site alsofeatures other enhancements such as larger fonts and simplified navigation.

The explosive growth of mobile (1.6 billion mobile phones were sold in 2010, according to research company Gartner)is an indication of how important mobile optimisation is for Web businesses. Google has forecast that within two years more people will be searching on a mobile device than on a PC. But most companies have yet to take the make the move to a mobile version of their site. Google says 79% of its largest ad customers don’t have a mobile-optimized site despite that the fact thatover a third of online Australians havesmartphones (Nielsen Research).

The dramatic emergence of the mobile user market requires either creating a new site entirely or adjusting the content so it can be viewed on smartphones and tablets. That also means replacing the Adobe Flash software used by many image-heavy sites, as Flash isn’t supported by Apple on iPads and iPhones.

Businesses are often uncertain as to whether to develop a mobile-friendly site or an app on the popular iPhone and Android platforms.“The app should be seen as an add-on to the mobile site, not a replacement,” says Robert Klein, Director of Dimension Four Marketing, a consultancy that helps companies with their mobile strategies. “Also, apps suffer from the fact that they have to be downloaded and selected. Customers have to actively choosethem. By contrast a mobile web site recognises that the user is viewing the site on a mobile device and optimises the site content to be viewed on that platform.

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